ADFC Bicycle Climate Index – Karlsruhe replaces Münster

Münster is no longer the most bicycle-friendly city in Germany. The new leader in the bicycle climate ranking of the German Cycling Club (ADFC) is Karlsruhe, which points to the University of Westphalia (grade: 3.25) in second place with a school grade of 3.15. Third place goes to Göttingen with a grade of 3.35.

The leaderboard is based on ratings from 170,000 cyclists, and a total of 683 cities of all sizes were surveyed. In the metropolises with more than 500,000 inhabitants Bremen came in the lead (3,55), followed by Hannover (3,77) and Leipzig (3,85). The absolute best note conquered the community Reken in Münsterland with 1.97. The special award for family friendliness went to Wettringen, also in Münsterland. In the opinion of the interviewees, children are most likely to be able to drive alone there, the paths are wide enough for bicycle trailers.

ADFC Bicycle Climate Index - Karlsruhe replaces Münster

Overall, however, Germany’s cyclists feel less well in the cities than in 2016. At that time they awarded on average the grade 3.8, this time it was only enough for a 3.9. The ADFC attributes this primarily to a defective bicycle infrastructure. The participants of the survey criticized above all the lax handling of false parkers, a bad guidance on construction sites, unfavorable traffic lights and too narrow cycle paths.

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