“R & Coffee” instead of coffee

“R & Coffee” – under this handy title, Volkswagen R asks for a second coffee: on Saturday, April 13, the sporty Volkswagen subsidiary from Wolfsburg-Warmenau introduces itself. R “in the spotlight. Coffee specialties and waffles are served between 11am and 2pm. A separate vehicle registration of an R-model is not an entry requirement. Rather, all interested in high-performance cars are invited.

"R & Coffee

In 2002, Volkswagen R introduced for the first time a performance model with 241 hp, the Golf R32. In 2019, the current Golf R, the Golf Variant R and, shortly, the T-Roc R in the product portfolio of the Volkswagen subsidiary now have 350 employees. Add to that the up! the “R-Line” editions, ie Volkswagen models with sporty equipment lines, the 

core markets for the “pocket rocket” T-Roc R coming on the market in the second half of 2019 Italy and France as well as Great Britain. PS enthusiasts can see the new next to other R models on Saturday from close range. 

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