Test Jaguar XE: lever instead of button

Jaguar does what many do. The soft renewal of the mid-range car XE, which wants to record it with the threesome BMW and the Mercedes C-class, makes the four-door visually wider. It reminds us of times when a “four-eyed face” seemed to be the measure of all things – headlights had to be big, lots of light should be put on the road 

– this design flow is over it’s possible that the lights on the bow shrink to miniature sizes, slender slots adorn the front and accentuate the horizontal, as with the XE, and the Jaguar, with a wider grille and a new bumper, cranks its elbows and gets even more satiated to 29 inch wheels.

But above all, a lot has happened in the interior. Chief Designer Ian Callum says the XE has risen almost one class. With high-quality materials and handle-friendly plastic panels, the new interior not only pleases visually. Currently, the number of information displays has increased, the touch-sensitive screens provide pin sharp images and facilitate the operation of the XE essential. Simpler, but more conventional, the control of the obligatory eight-speed automatic has become. The knob, which slowly rose from the center console after starting the engine, is a thing of the past. It replaces a conventional joystick, which speeds up the operation but looks less elegant. The customer’s request was followed by this change, they say.

Test Jaguar XE: lever instead of button

For the other helpers, the XE also does not hold back. New is the coupled with a rear view mirror rear view mirror not only when resetting but also the drive forward the rearward traffic. The image changes with lever pressure and you get the usual mirror format, for the ill-sighted an important help, since the focus between the view to the front and the monitor display is eliminated. A lane departure warning system, the parking aid, electrically adjustable front seats and the aforementioned full-LED headlamps are also part of the standard.

The engine range of the XE has streamlined Jaguar. The diesel with 120 kW / 163 hp was canceled, the restraint of the buyers of the diesel engine is the reason for this, in addition, its engine output was probably too close to the more powerful engine with 132 kW / 180 hp. 43 Euro 690 costs this XE version and thus marks the entry into the series, equipped with all-wheel instead of with rear-wheel drive, the price rises by 2300 euros. The diesel engine consumes 5 to 5.4 liters and makes the 4.69 meter long XE 228 km / h fast. It accelerates 1640 kilograms empty weight from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.1 seconds. The two-liter machine delivers 430 Nm of torque, which, in conjunction with the automatic transmission, leads to a lively driving pleasure.

At least 44 390 euros must be invested in the two known gasoline, but there is then the rear-wheel drive P 250 with 184 kW / 250 hp, a 4×4 driveline is not to have for him. The fuel consumption is Jaguar with 7.0 liters of gasoline. The top model, the P 300 is again available from 50 140 € exclusively with all-wheel drive. Here, the two-liter four-cylinder engine produces 221 kW / 300 hp and consumes 7.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Both gasoline engines reach a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

The XE is light-footed, agile and relaxed. He certainly stays on course, the steering pleases as well as the brakes with good feedback on the traction condition of the wheels, the suspension is comfortable yet not too soft, the body corners in curves move within narrow limits. But the trunk volume falls with 410 liters rather scarce, for large luggage wished many more.

In June, the renewed XE rolls to the dealers. What the status of his home country will be in relation to the EU then is uncertain. Jaguar itself would have wished to remain in the community, because how high the economic hurdles are, is also not manageable. But maybe just the outsider role of the XE increases its attractiveness in the circle of otherwise adapted and globally positioned classmates. What was the name of the early years of school? A bissl oblique is English and English is modern.

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